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  • 14-07-2020

    Two way Transmission Feeder

    In the structure of the feeder, the middle part of the feeder's conveying trough is provided with a feeding port, and the left and right ends are respectively provided with a discharge port, and the vibration drivers and controlling device are arranged at the bottom of the feeding trough.

  • 14-07-2020

    Feeders for food and medicine processing

    The food and herb medicine processing belongs to the special industry with higher requirements on the hygienic environment in the conventional field. Domestic feeder counterparts rarely have the opportunity to enter.

  • 14-07-2020

    Pneumatic Explosion-proof Vibration Feeder

    Some special materials are flammable and explosive. In addition, the production process and operating environment of some products have strict requirements for combustion and explosion. Explosion proof equipment is also used in dynamic transmission process.

  • 14-07-2020

    Auto feeding & weighing & packaging system

    This is a weighing and packaging equipment, used for weighing and packaging a special powder. This kind of powder has high hardness, easy to wear chute surface of the equipment, and could result in a small amount of impurities mixed into the material.

  • 28-06-2020

    Feeders Delivered to Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturer

    The second batch of feeders have delivered smoothly to the customer.

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